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Adam L February 09, 2023

The storage crate

Other pieces of hardware I have currently in storage or installed in various machines.

NameTypeModelYearCondition / StatusBus/ProtocolDetails
NEC 3.5 1.44MBFloppy DiskFD1231M2006Great / UntestedFDDBlack Faceplate
NEC 5.25 1.6MBFloppy DiskFD1157C1990GoodFDDBeige faceplate
Panasonic 5.25 1.2MBFloppy DiskJU-475-5AKO1991GoodFDDWhite Faceplate w/impact marks, needs cleaning
Safronic 5.25 1.2MBFloppy DiskDS-53N1990GoodFDDBeige faceplate
Fujitsu 147GBHard DiskMAW3147NC2008NewSCSI-U32010000 RPM, SCA-2
Fujitsu 18GBHard DiskMAS3184NC2008NewSCSI-U32015000 RPM, SCA-2
IBM 80MBHard DiskWDS-L801993GreatSCSI-1Apple Branded, 50-pin SCSI
Quantum Atlas V 9.1GBHard DiskXC09J0111999Good / UntestedSCSI-U16010000 RPM, SCA-2
Quantum Atlas V 9.1GBHard DiskXC09J0111999Good / UntestedSCSI-U16010000 RPM, SCA-2
Quantum Fireball LT 15GBHard DiskQML15000LC-A????GoodIDE4400 RPM
Samsung SpinPoint 160GBHard DiskSP1654N2007GreatIDE7200 RPM
Seagate Cheetah 18GBHard DiskST318453LC2003NewSCSI-U32015000 RPM, SCA-2, HP Branded
Seagate Cheetah 18GBHard DiskST318453LC2003NewSCSI-U32015000 RPM, SCA-2, HP Branded
Seagate Cheetah X15 18GBHard DiskST318451LC????Great / UntestedSCSI-U16015000 RPM, SCA-2, HP Branded
Western Digital 80GBHard DiskWD800BB2006Great / UntestedIDE
Iomega ZIP 100MO DriveZ100SCSI1997GreatSCSIIomega blue
Iomega ZIP 100MO DriveZ100S21997GreatSCSIComplete with box and bag, Iomega blue, Parallel Cable
Iomega ZIP 100MO DriveZ100USB1999GreatUSBCrystal Iomega blue
GVC Fax ModemModemSF-1156HV+/R211998Great / UntestedISAVery little info available, claims up to 56k but is untested by me
Dual Gameport Add-in cardMulti I/OGW2051992Great / UntestedISAUnbranded, no serial, distinct gold coloured PCB and ground plane pattern
Mozart CD-ROM Controller + Sound CardMulti I/OOTI6011994GoodISASony/Mitsumi/Panasonic/IDE connectors, Gameport, 4x3mm jacks, CD IN
D-Link 10MBps EthernetNetwork CardDE-220P1992New / BadISAUTP/Coax, Was dead out of the box
UMC 10MBps EthernetNetwork Card2000JC1994GreatISAUTP/Coax, Version 2.0A
AOpen CD-RW/DVDOptical DriveDUW1608/ARR2005Good / WorkingIDEWhite Faceplate, replaced tray drive belt
LG 20-48X CD-ROM DriveOptical DriveCRD-8484B2001Good / Working*IDEBlack Faceplate, corrected laser pots. Reads CDRs now.
Doesn't sound 100% right but runs fine
LG 40x CD-ROM DriveOptical DriveCRD-8402B2000Great / Working*IDEWhite Faceplate, Compaq Branded, Can read CDR, bearing is failing
LG 40x/15x/4x DVD-RW DriveOptical DriveGWA-4164B2005Great / BadIDEBlack Faceplate, Laser/Optics bad, unrecoverable
LG 52x CD-ROM DriveOptical DriveCRD-8522B2002Good / UntestedIDEWhite Faceplate, Audio Controls
LG CD-ROMOptical DriveCRD-8322B1999Good / Perfect*IDEWhite Faceplate, Y2006+ IDE controllers slow to POST/detect
Audio controls, Can read CDR
LG CD-RW / DVD-ROM DriveOptical DriveGCC-4120B2002Good / WorkingIDEWhite Faceplate, corrected laser pots, did stepper exercises
Hates Verbatim CDRs but Maxells work fine
Lite-on 48x CD-ROM DriveOptical DriveLTN-486S2004Great / Working*IDEBlack Faceplate, Bearing gone bad but still working, noisy during spin up
Philips 48x CD-ROM DriveOptical DrivePCCD0481999Good / WorkingIDEWhite Faceplate, Audio Controls, Can read CDR
Creative Labs Sound BlasterSound CardCT41701997GoodISAGameport, 3x3mm jacks, AUX/CD
Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy ZS2Sound CardSB03502003NewPCI6x3mm Gold plated jacks, Firewire, S/PDIF, AUX/CD IN/TAD headers
Adaptec SCSI ControllerStorage ControllerAVA-15051991GreatPCI50-pin internal SCSI and SCSI-1 External Connector
LSI Logic SCSI ControllerStorage ControllerLSIU3202005NewPCI-641x Internal, 1x External SCSI Connectors, LVD/SE
Promise IDE ControllerStorage ControllerUltra100TX1998GreatPCI2x IDE, Perfect working order
Western Digital MFM ControllerStorage ControllerHFDC-II / VIPĀ·U720001989Good / UntestedISADual MFM + Floppy Controller Card
Adaptec RLL ControllerStorage ControllerACB-2372A1987Good / PartialISAFactory added bodge wire loose, BIOS accessible, FDD functions seem to work
3DFX Voodoo 2 12MBVideo Cardv21200????GoodPCITechworks Branded
3DFX Voodoo 3 2000 16MBVideo Card2000????GoodAGP
3Dlabs Permedia 2D Fire GL 1000 Pro 8MBVideo Card23130023-4611997Good / UntestedAGPDiamond Multimedia branded, VGA/3D Glasses, Rev D, BIOS 1.46, MoSys SGRAM
ATI Rage XLVideo CardHSI052????NewPCIVGA
ATI 3D Rage Pro Turbo 4MBVideo CardPCI2508C????GoodPCI
ATI Radeon X800 Pro 256MBVideo Card????2004GoodAGPPalit branding
ATI Radeon HD 7970 GHz EditionVideo Card????2012GoodPCI-ESapphire branding
Matrox Millennium G200A 8MBVideo CardG200A????GoodAGPG2+DMILA/8D/CPQ
Matrox G450 32MBVideo CardG45FMDVP32DOE3D2003GreatPCIVGA/DVI
nVidia Riva TNT2 32MB SDRAMVideo CardMS-8806????GoodAGPMicro-Star Branded
nVidia GeForce 2 TiVideo Card????????Good / FailedAGPMSI Branded, VGA/S-Video, Framebuffer RAM bad, severe artifacting
nVidia GeForce 2 TiVideo Card????????GoodAGPInno3D branded, VGA/S-Video
nVidia GeForce 6600Video Card08-01700730102005Good / RepairingPCI-EAsus branded, Needs cleaning, HSF assembly
nVidia GeForce 8800 GTX 768MBVideo Card????????GoodPCI-EDell OEM
nvidia Geforce GTX 260 896MBVideo Card????????GoodPCI-E
nVidia GeForce GTX 280 1GBVideo Card????????GoodPCI-EOriginally had Gainward branding but was removed

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