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Floppy/Floptical Drives

Adam L February 09, 2023

One of the earliest, non-living virus carriers.

NameTypeModelYearCondition / StatusBus/ProtocolAllocatedDetails
NEC 3.5 1.44MBFloppy DiskFD1231M2006GreatFDDBlack Faceplate, heads cleaned
NEC 5.25 1.6MBFloppy DiskFD1157C1990GoodFDDPres-HotBeige faceplate
Panasonic 5.25 1.2MBFloppy DiskJU-475-5AKO1991GoodFDDWhite Faceplate w/impact marks, needs cleaning
Safronic 5.25 1.2MBFloppy DiskDS-53N1990GoodFDDVoodooBeige faceplate, Amber LED
Iomega ZIP 100MO DriveZ100SCSI1997GreatSCSIIomega blue
Iomega ZIP 100MO DriveZ100S21997NewParallel-Complete with box, Iomega blue, Parallel Cable
Iomega ZIP 100MO DriveZ100USB1999GreatUSB-Carry case, Crystal blue
Iomega ZIP 100MO DriveZ100IDE????GreatIDEDoDBeige faceplate