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Networking Devices

Adam L February 09, 2023

Faster than carrier pigeons, most of the time

NameTypeModelYearCondition / StatusBus/ProtocolAllocatedDetails
GVC Fax ModemModemSF-1156HV+/R211998Great / UntestedISAVery little info available, claims up to 56k but is untested by me
Dual Gameport Add-in cardMulti I/OGW2051992Great / UntestedISAUnbranded, no serial, distinct gold coloured PCB and ground plane pattern
D-Link 10MBps EthernetNetwork CardDE-220P1992New / BadISAUTP/Coax, Was dead out of the box
UMC 10MBps EthernetNetwork Card2000JC1994GreatISAUTP/Coax, Version 2.0A
3COM 100Mbps EthernetNetwork Card3c905B????GreatPCIVoodoo