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Adam L February 09, 2023

The floppy killer

NameModelYearCondition / StatusBus/ProtocolAllocatedDetails
AOpen CD-RW/DVDDUW1608/ARR2005Good / WorkingIDEWhite Faceplate, replaced tray drive belt
Artec CD-RWWRR-4848????GoodIDEWhite Faceplate
BTC 16x CD-ROMSLL16????GoodIDEWhite Faceplate
LG 32x? CD-ROMCRD-8322B1999Good / Perfect*IDESlimSevenWhite Faceplate, Y2006+ IDE controllers slow to POST/detect
Audio controls, Can read CDR
LG 40x CD-ROM DriveCRD-8402B2000Great / Working*IDEWhite Faceplate, Compaq Branded, Can read CDR, bearing is failing
LG 48X CD-ROM DriveCRD-8484B2001Good / Working*IDEDominatorBlack Faceplate, corrected laser
LG 48X CD-ROM DriveCRD-8484B2001Good / WorkingIDEMoreVoodooBlack Faceplate, corrected laser
LG 52x CD-ROM DriveCRD-8522B2002Good / UntestedIDEWhite Faceplate, Audio Controls
LG CD-RW / DVD-ROM DriveGCC-4120B2002Good / WorkingIDEWhite Faceplate, corrected laser pots, did stepper exercises
Hates Verbatim CDRs but Maxells work fine
Lite-on 48x CD-ROM DriveLTN-486S2004Great / Working*IDEBlack Faceplate, Bearing gone bad but still working, noisy during spin up
Mitsumi CD-RCR-4804TEGreatVoodoo
Optiarc DVD-RWAD-7170SGreatSATAPiledriver
Pioneer 4x CD-ROMDR-U124XGreatSCSIAST AdvantageWhite Faceplate, Audio Controls
Philips 48x CD-ROM DrivePCCD0481999Good / WorkingIDEWhite Faceplate, Audio Controls, Can read CDR