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Adam L August 16, 2022

Working / In Progress

NameEraFinishedTypeStatusCPUGPUOSCPU SubtypeSpeed (MHz)
Epson Endeavor L19922022-11-02 Restoration Working Cyrix Cirrus Logic MS-DOS Linux Intel i486 DX266
AST Advantage! 62419952022-05-07 Restoration Working Intel S3 Windows 9x95 Linux Intel Pentium 1120
Voodoo1998- Tribute Working Intel 3Dfx Windows 9x98 Intel Pentium 2233
MoreVoodoo1998- Custom Working Intel 3Dfx Windows 9x98 Intel Pentium 2350
Dominator1999- Custom Working Intel nVidia Windows 20002k Intel Pentium 3600
SlimSeven1999- Custom Working AMD ATI Windows 9x98 Windows 20002k AMD K6-2500
Iyonix PC20022002-10-19 Restoration In Progress Intel nVidia RISC OS Intel XScale 80321600
Danger of Death2002- Tribute Working AMD ATI Windows XPXP AMD Athlon XP2000
Pres-hot2004- Custom Working Intel nVidia Windows XPXP Intel Pentium 43000
Dragons Breath20052022-05-18 Custom Working AMD nVidia Windows XPXP Linux AMD Athlon 64 X22000
Cold Fusion2008- Tribute Working Intel nVidia Windows 77 Intel Core 2 Quad Q93002500
Piledriver2012- Custom Working AMD AMD Windows 77 AMD Piledriver FX-83504000
Overwatch20162016-11-18 Custom Working Intel nVidia Linux Intel Core i5-65003200
Fort20192019-02-11 Custom Working Intel nVidia Linux Intel Core i7-7700k4200
Outpost20202021-06-05 Custom Working AMD AMD Linux Windows 1010 AMD Ryzen 9 5900X5000

For any of the machine, I've tried to keep the parts as close to the originals and as faithful to the era as the availability and costs allow.

I also try to use brand new, original parts aka "new-old-stock" when I can get them.

Dead Machines

NameEraFinishedStatusCPUGPUOSCPU SubtypeSpeed (MHz)
Amstrad PC1640 HD201986- Offline Intel Cirrus Logic MS-DOS Intel 80868
Packard Bell 909D1993- Offline Intel Cirrus Logic Windows 9x95 Intel Pentium 1100
TwinBee20012001-03-20 Offline AMD SIS Windows XPXP AMD Duron1200
Danger of Death Mk220062006-12-28 Offline Intel nVidia Windows XPXP Intel Core 2 Duo E66002400




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