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Epson Endeavor L 486

Adam L January 01, 1992


NameEpson Endeavor L CRx
ChipsetUMC UM82C491F
SocketIntel Socket 3
ProcessorIntel i486 DX2
Speed66 MHz
RAM36MB FPM 60ns
Storage340MB Connor IDE
GPUCirrus Logic CD5428 VLB
Expansion CardAdaptec AHA-1532P Fast-SCSI controller
Expansion CardMagic S23 Sound Card with X2GS Waveblaster board
Expansion CardUMC UM9003AF 10 Mbps network card
External StorageIomega SCSI ZIP 100


Currently running MS-DOS 6.2 and Windows 3.11 for Workgroups.

I plan to do a fresh re-install of Windows on this machine and potentially remove the network card since it now has a ZIP drive that I can use to very quickly transfer data.

4 zip transfers would easily fill the entire drive of this machine.

GW205 V2

When I received this machine, it had a dual gameport ISA card in it, but it did not appear to be functional.

It is marked as a "GW205 V2" card but I am unable to find any information about it at all as it lacks a manufacturer mark, it has no EEPROMs and no processor.

It consists of:

It seems to be using nothing but pure TTL logic chips to read the gameports and drive the ISA bus.

Hi-res images to follow


Drivers and Manuals