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Adam L January 01, 2001


ConditionDismantled / Irreparable
CaseVirgo ATX
MotherboardJetway 830CN
ChipsetSIS 730
ProcessorAMD Duron 1200
Speed1.2 GHz
Storage40 GB IDE ⟶ 160GB Samsung SpinPoint SP1654N
GPUOn-board SIS 305

Pictures to follow shortly, the machine has suffered some water damage so it's currently drying.

A computer that I commissioned Opal Computers in Bridgend to build.

This was the first computer that I bought and paid for myself, and I should not be too hard on it for it was a major step up from the 75MHz AST that I was given. Whilst the CPU specification was sixteen times what I currently had, from 75MHz to 1200MHz, I was very excited to have a machine that had a frequency gap this large but I have to say, this motherboard was hot garbage, even though I was on a tight budget (part-time job after school) it performed terribly and was the final shove I needed to start building custom machines, I'd had enough of the rather expensive ready-made systems with mostly awful performance and expandability.

Though the performance was bad for its period, it served its purpose of assisting me with my school work but that's about as far as it stretched, video games of that era barely got a decent frame rate mainly due to the poorly performing SIS 305 integrated GPU, older titles ran much better but resolutions so long as they were 2D and you didn't try to go above 1024x768. I still have this machine in storage even though it is irreparable, the motherboard has suffered multiple, serious capacitor failures and battery corrosion damage to the traces. The Duron and hard drive are still in perfect working order.