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Weather Station MK2, Part 1

So after my last adventure into combining data collection with Python and Raspberry Pi’s I realised that just reading sensors from my windowsill was p… ...more

September 08, 2018

Released! GlitterWorld Prime 2.2

GlitterWorld Prime just got not one, not two but FOUR new, major features! Features Over the last few months we’ve been really busy overhauling the i… ...more

April 01, 2018

GlitterWorld Prime: A look inside

In this post I thought I would share what the infrastructure of GlitterWorld Prime looks like, why it is the way it is and where’s I plan to go with i… ...more

December 11, 2017

2017-12-11 GWP Server Maintenance

GlitterWorld Prime maintenance starts at 4PM UTC Today and will last for about an hour. A warning will appear in game 30 minutes before. Please do not… ...more

December 11, 2017

Game Dev Manager progress update.

Over the last few months, Progress on Game Dev Manager (or GDM for short) has been frustratingly slow. Recently my personal life has been rather crazy… ...more

September 16, 2016