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About me

Adam L December 31, 2023
4 colours is enough for anyoneCymro ydw i (I am Welsh)
A portrait of me in CGA colours An image of the Welsh flag

Super TL;DR

As a tech enthusiast, I enjoy a diverse range of hobbies that fuel my passion. These include video games, motorsports, cooking, flying drones, exploring retro computing, experimenting with electronics and smart home tech, fabrication using FDM and CNC, and enjoying the world of radio-controlled vehicles.

My programming journey has allowed me to gain extensive expertise in Rust, Python, C#, VB6/VB.NET, and various flavors of BASIC from my formative years. Additionally, I've delved into different dialects of Assembly, Java, Lua, Ruby, Elm, and JavaScript/TypeScript.

It all began in the early '90s on a Sinclair ZX Spectrum, transitioning soon after to a Commodore 64.

Subsequently, I swiftly moved on to the more featureful Locomotive Basic 2 on an Amstrad PC1640 and later with Microsoft GWBASIC/QuickBASIC on the more powerful x86 class machines.

After that, it was onwards and upwards, VB6, .NET, C#, Python and finally Rust with a bunch of others mixed in between.

I've worked in many different fields during my professional career, manufacturing to finance, social media to retail point of sale systems, doing either Systems Programming, Win/Lin System Administration and Networking or DevOps-focused roles.

Drawing on my past experiences allows me to have a multifaceted approach to technology and programming.