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Processor Collection

Adam L April 24, 2023

From the humble beginnings of Intel's DX, to the latest and greatest from AMD, I'm proud to showcase some of my favorite CPUs throughout history.

While my collection may not be as extensive as say, Xhoba's, I'm sure to have some that will invoke some nostaglia in a vast majority of you!

Photographs will be uploaded in due time.


ModeluArchCodenamePart NumberSocketRelease DateSpeed (MHz)Condition
DX-33i386i386DXA80386DX-33 IVPGA132198933 Untested
DX2-66i486P24A80486DX2-66PGA168199266 Working
PentiumP5P54CSX969Socket 5199475 Working
PentiumP5P54CSY007Socket 51994100 Working
PentiumP5P54CSY062Socket 51995133 Working
PentiumP5P54CSSY037Socket 51996166 Working
Pentium MMX OverdriveP5P54CTBPODPMT66X200Socket 5/71996200 Working
Pentium 2/IIP6KlamathSL2HDSlot 11997233 Working
Pentium 2/IIP6DeschutesSL2U4Slot 11998350 Working
Pentium 2/IIP6DeschutesSL356Slot 11998350 Working
Pentium 2/IIP6DeschutesSL358Slot 11997450 Working
Pentium 3/IIIP6KatmaiSL35DSlot 11998450 Working
Pentium 3/IIIP6CoppermineSL5BTPGA3701999600 Working
Pentium 3/IIIP6CoppermineSL52QPGA3702000933 Untested
Celeron 1000P6Coppermine-128SL5XTPGA37020011000 Working
IOP 80321ARMv5XScale ARMv5TESL6R3544L PBGA2002600 Working
Pentium 4NetBurstPrescottSL7KBPGA47820043000 Working
Core 2 Duo E6600CoreConroeSL9ZLLGA77520062400 Working
Core 2 Quad Q9300CoreYorkfield-6MSLAWELGA77520082500 Working
Core i5-6500Skylake-BX80662I56500LGA115120153200 Working
Core i7-7700KKaby Lake-BX80677I77700KLGA115120174200 Working


ModelCodename / uArchPart NumberSocketRelease DateSpeed (MHz)Condition
K6-2Chomper ExtendedK6-2/500AFXSuper Socket 71999500 Working
Athlon 1000ThunderbirdA1000AMT3CSocket A / 46220001000 Untested
Athlon 1600PalominoAX1600DMT3CSocket A / 46220011400 Untested
Duron 700SpitfireD700AUT1BSocket A / 4622000700 Untested
Duron 1200MorganDHD1200AMT1BSocket A / 46220011200 Working
Athlon XP 2800+BartonAXDA2800DKV4DSocket A / 46220032000 Working
Athlon XP 3200+BartonAXDA3200DKV4ESocket A / 46220032200 Untested
Sempron 64 2800+PalermoSDA2800BXBOX75420041600 Working
Athlon 64 3800+VeniceADA3800DAA4BW93920052400 Working
Athlon 64 X2 3800+WindsorADA3800IAA5CUAM220062000 Working
Athlon 64 X2 5600+WindsorADA5600IAA6CZAM220062800 Working
Phenom II X4 965 BlackDenebHDZ965FBK4DGMAM320092000 Working
FX-8350VisheraFD8350FRW8KHKAM3+20124000 Working
Ryzen 5900XVermeer (Zen 3)100-100000061WOFAM420203700 Working

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