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How to install TwistedSoul's MineColonies and Tech (MCAT)

Adam L March 17, 2021

Things you need



Install CurseForge from Overwolf

First, head on over to Overwolf’s App Store, grab CurseForge and get that installed.

If like me you find Overwolf annoying, remember to disable the “tray” and “Start with Windows options”

Disable Autorun if Overwolf bothers you.

Configuring CurseForge for Minecraft

Hopefully, after CurseForge was installed, the first time you run the program it should scan your computer looking for all your games.

If previously, you had Twitch installed and Minecraft, CurseForge should detect that installation automatically.

If not, head to the settings and add Minecraft manually:

Manually locate Minecraft if needed

Once the game has been located, make sure to allocate at least 4GB of RAM to modded Minecraft instances,

If you have 16GB of RAM or more, I recommend allocating 8GB if you can.

I highly recommend that you use Java 8 (1.8.x.xxx), in my case or Later, it’s faster and more secure.

You can download the latest version here from Oracle.

Make sure you allocate at least 4GB

The Mod Pack

Upgrade the old MCAT 1.12.2 Profile

If you played an older version of my pack and want to keep your world, you’ll need to install a new profile. If not skip this step and go to the next.

Select Change Version from the menu bar and make sure “Update to new Profile” is checked!

Fresh install

If you don’t have an old profile or you deleted it, Search for TwistedSoul's Minecolonies and Tech in the search bar, The pack should be the top result, check that it was by me (TwistedSoul21967) and hit install.

Top result, it’s me, install!

Give it a few moments

Extras (but recommended)


I would highly recommend installing OptiFine for a large increase in performance, especially on lower-end machines and for shaders on high-end machines.
You can get it here.

The version you need is OptiFine HD U G5

Go to the profile, hit the ““, Choose “Open Folder”, browse into the “mods” folder and simply drop the downloaded JAR file in there

When you next load the game, you will have to configure your video settings again, I recommend leaving VSync enabled unless you want your GPU running full speed for no reason.

If like me you have a high-resolution screen, you can set the GUI scale in the Video Settings:

TheCodeCache SMP Server

For those of you who have been invited, the server address is gs1.thecodecache.net, please contact me via Discord or Mumble to be added to the whitelist.

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